Snowflake Selects First ‘Data Superheroes’ in Korea

  • Nexon Korea’s data engineer, Lee Jaemyeon, The Pinkpong Company’s software engineer Han Yesung, and Megazone Cloud’s Cloud SA data team leader Choi Kyungjin have been selected.
  • Enhancing their individual capabilities and actively participating in the development of Snowflake services while communicating with data experts.
  • “We will support developers and data experts through the community to enhance their professionalism.”

Global data cloud company Snowflake announced on February 14 that Nexon Korea’s data engineer, Lee Jaemyeon, The Pinkpong Company’s software engineer Han Yesung, and Megazone Cloud’s Cloud Solutions Architect (Cloud SA) data team leader Choi Kyungjin have been selected as the first ‘Snowflake Data Superheroes’ in Korea.

Snowflake has been actively promoting the development of data experts through its ‘Data Superheroes’ program. This global developer support program, with 80 members active in 21 countries worldwide, focuses on enhancing individual skills by engaging with global data experts and participating in the development of Snowflake services. Members contribute to Snowflake’s roadmap meetings, monthly activation sessions, propose improvements, and provide direct and indirect opinions on the product roadmap. The advanced certification program also allows them to receive training in data utilization. Additionally, they get invitations to major Snowflake events, providing opportunities for networking with experts from diverse industries.

The selected Korean Data Superheroes have actively spread content related to Snowflake’s ‘Data Cloud Platform’ and participated in mentoring, earning recognition from the headquarters. Nexon’s Lee Jaemyeon manages real-time integration of petabyte-scale user data into a single platform, developing and operating a high-quality data pipeline. Han Yesung from The Pinkpong Company focuses on backend tasks, integrating siloed data environments in the data cloud platform to optimize systems for the development of diverse high-quality content and applications. Choi Kyungjin, the team leader of Megazone Cloud’s Cloud SA data team, who achieved the SnowPro Advanced certification as the first partner in Korea, strives to design and build a customer-friendly data architecture to supply the data cloud platform to clients in various industries.

The criteria for selecting Data Superheroes include content creation, leading discussions, Snowflake expertise, and supporting others. Evaluation factors include regularly updating content related to the data cloud platform on personal channels such as blogs, podcasts, and YouTube, and leading discussions at forums, user groups, and community events. Active participation in the ‘Snowflake Korea Community’ on Facebook was also considered in terms of expertise and support. The selected individuals shared the latest cloud trends, provided feedback and recommendations for Snowflake services, and supported community members through questions and answers.

Snowflake actively nurtures Korean data experts by operating the ‘Snowflake Korea Community’ and is dedicated to expanding its user and developer ecosystem. The community on Facebook has grown rapidly, exceeding 800 members in just a year and a half since its opening. Members can create networking meetups, study groups, and accumulate practical skills across the data cloud. All community members are classified as ‘Data Heroes,’ and those actively answering questions and helping in the community are selected as ‘Data Superheroes’ through evaluation.

Lee Jaemyeon from Nexon Korea expressed, “As the importance of data analysis and utilization increases not only in entertainment but in many industries, I will continue to actively contribute as a Data Superhero so that more end-users can utilize Snowflake.”

Isuhyun, Snowflake Evangelist, anticipates that the selection of Data Superheroes in Korea will further invigorate Snowflake’s developer support activities in Korea. He stated, “Snowflake will continue to support developers and data experts through the community to facilitate ongoing exchange and expertise enhancement for the expansion of the data cloud platform ecosystem.”

For more information about Snowflake Data Superheroes, visit the official website.

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