“Wontech Co., Ltd. Achieves Preliminary 2023 Sales of 118.4 Billion Won (Advances to Mid-Sized Enterprise)”

  • Annual and Q4 performance surpasses previous records
  • Records sales of 118.4 billion won (45.2% YoY increase), operating profit of 46 billion won (72.1% YoY increase), and net profit of 39.6 billion won (196% YoY increase)

Wontech has achieved its highest performance since its founding in 2023, transitioning from a small to a mid-sized enterprise.

On the 8th, Wontech tentatively announced that it achieved consolidated sales of approximately 118.4 billion won based on the financial statements for the previous year, marking a significant increase of approximately 45.2% compared to the previous year’s sales of 81.5 billion won.

Furthermore, operating profit increased by about 72.1% compared to the previous year, reaching approximately 46 billion won from the previous year’s operating profit of 26.7 billion won. The net profit for the year 2023 amounted to 39.6 billion won, showing an impressive growth trend with an increase of approximately 196% compared to the previous year’s 13.4 billion won.

This marks Wontech’s largest annual performance since its establishment. When compared to the third-quarter announcement of 2023, the fourth quarter of last year set a new quarterly record with sales of approximately 32.9 billion won and operating profit of approximately 10.5 billion won.

A company official stated, “Despite latecomers in the domestic competition launching RF equipment in 2023, Wontech’s market dominance remains strong.” They further explained, “With the growth of sales in medical device equipment and a continuous increase in consumable sales, the operating profit margin is steadily rising.”

Thanks to the popularity of Oligio launched in 2020, Wontech has solidified its technological competitiveness with the release of OligioX in the latter half of 2023, maintaining a technological edge in the market.

Wontech is focusing on global market expansion and performance creation in 2024. Plans include the full-scale operation of Wontech Asia in Thailand in the latter half of 2023, strategic investment in Japan in January 2024, and business expansion in existing local subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, and China, demonstrating an active global presence.